Client Success Story - Resume & Coaching Services

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We received some exciting news from one of my clients this morning. This particular client took advantage of our coaching and professional resume/cover letter writing services. 
The client said, “I got the job” and then went on to share with me the starting salary, etc. Let’s just say, I'm impressed! 

In addition to the new job, we were updated on progress made with respect to achievement of goals. 

We're extremely proud of this client's accomplishments as the past few years have been challenging. 

However, by remaining focused this client was able to persevere. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be where you want to be in no time. 

Moral of the story: 
A goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish. When you demonstrate a high level of determination, you become #unstoppable. 

Two Client Success Stories - Resume Services

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We received calls from two clients over the course of the past two days. Both clients utilized our professional resume/cover letter writing services.

Client 1: "I got some good news, I received an offer letter today”. In addition to receiving an offer for her dream job, she informed me she's still receiving a plethora of calls and emails regarding potential opportunities.

Client 2: "Just calling to let you know I got the job"! She said she had her second interview today and was hired on the spot.

We don't want to steal all of the recognition as it was a team effort. While the resume got them in the door; they made sure they were prepared to "seal the deal".

Moral of the story: 
When you can't seem to get results on your own; hire an expert. No matter the cost: self investment is the best investment.

Congratulations, we're extremely proud of you both.

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